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5 Axis CNC Milling


The addition of the 5 Axis machine has allowed use to create more complex parts in less time. The utilization of the additional axes means less set-ups and abilities for production work.

Multi-axis CNC 


Whether your project involves simple milling and drilling or complex 3 axis surfacing we can help you. Machining a part in one setup reduces part handling, the need for custom fixturing and lead time while achieving superior accuracies. 

CNC Turning


Our expertise in milling has transitioned to turning. Utilizing  a Mori Seiki mill-turn, along with our 2 other turning centers, we can complete complex pieces in a production setting.



The ability to tend our our machines with automated pallet systems enhances the opportunity for quick turn around of projects. Many of our machines run lights out nightly. After a days work, the machines keep running long after we head home.

CAM Programming


We use Mastercam to quickly produce accurate tool paths directly from your solid models.  Using a CAM software allows us to modify parts quickly and replicate precision on future parts. We have also added Espirit into our spectrum of programming capabilities.

CMM Inspection


The addition of our CMM machine allows use to ensure the customer gets the right part every time. Quality and precision is something we strive for and utilizing the CMM helps us accomplish this goal.

Laser Engraving


Part require special markings are serial numbers? We can now do that in house with the addition of our laser engraver.



We reduce customer part costs and ease manufacturing bottlenecks by optimizing customer part geometry to ease manufacturability through the use of Solidworks and Design for Manufacturing experience.

Additional Services



If your components are good candidates for EDM, we partner with a local specialist to provide you a complete solution.

Heat Treating


We use a local supplier for heat treating and stess relieving to deliver an end result you'll be proud to share.



We partner with a local welding specialist to provide a high quality service specifically for your application.



Blanchard, surface or cylindrical grinding is used to compliment our in-house expertise to supply a finished product.

Coatings and Surface Preparation


Whether you require anodizing, black oxide, hard chrome, electroless nickel, or any other surface preparation as part of your requirement, we can meet it.

Outside the Box Thinking


Sure we can provide that!  Need a fresh persepctive on ways to manufacture your product?  We can help.