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Making the Complex Simple


Making the Complex Simple.  That's where and why it all started for Troy Kordenbrock, owner of TK Machining Specialties.  He went into business to take on challenging projects from his customers to make their lives easier.  In the beginning his primary focus was complex milling of difficult geometries and materials.  That initial focus has expanded as clients approach the company with new and exciting challenges. 

 How does TKMS do it?


- Honesty - When both supplier and customer have an open dialog about expectations, lead time and price everyone wins.


- Quality- Using the best technology and practices in the CNC industry, TKMS has a great foundation to ensure a project meets specifications.  Equipping everyone involved with the proper tools for success keeps everyone happy.


- Great People- Everyone at TKMS is out to provide a solution that exceeds its customer's needs.  The TKMS team makes the business truly shine.


- Great Customers- TKMS would not be where it is today without the unwavering support of its customers.  Thank you!  


Want to be part of the success?


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